Innovation Business Management and Accounting Journal

Focus and Scope: Entrepreneurial Innovation, Business Development, Economic Improvement, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Operating Management, Strategic Management, Financial Management, Behavioral Accounting, Public Accounting, Accounting Information System, Banking Account, Management Accounting, Sharia Accounting, Auditing

TGO Journal of Community Development

Focus and Scope: TGO Journal of Community Development is a community service scientific journal published by Trescode Green Organization. The focus and scope of this journal are the fields of business and economics, social, agriculture and fisheries, religion, application of technology, community empowerment and development, preservation of arts and culture, and improvement of workforce skills.

TGO Journal of Education, Science and Technology

Focus and Scope: Education All issues about education example education management, mathematics education, language education, science education, history education, economics education, physical education, religious education and et al about education.

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